made with our own four hands.

Creating fine spirits is an extension of the Alaskan way of life. Putting up hand-crafted food and goods comes naturally to people here, and during the Klondike Gold Rush, bootleggers made moonshine. We’re merely two of many who are committed to harvesting sustainably from the land, creating our own quality goods, and following our dreams in a place that can be wild and unpredictable. We wouldn’t trade it for anything, and we’re proud to produce exceptional spirits we hope you'll savor.

Heather shade


A former National Park Service biologist who once spent weeks at a time in the backcountry of Denali, Heather is our head distiller. She still brings a scientist’s curiosity to her work, and loves experimenting with botanicals to create spirits with an unmistakable sense of place. Heather is the founding president of the Distillers Guild of Alaska, which advances the interests of spirit-makers (and spirit-drinkers) statewide.


SEAN copeland

Sean came to distilling as a carpenter with more than two decades of experience, and you can taste his meticulous attention to detail in everything we make. You can also see it when you visit our distillery, which Sean restored from the ground up. When he’s not patiently coaxing perfection out of our whiskies, Sean is usually sailing, fishing, or romping around in the woods.