Surrender to the mermaid.

Once feared by authorities and furtively sought by libertines everywhere, absinthe is suddenly respectable and available, but no less lovely and intriguing. And ours, if we may say so, is especially delicious. Based on a recipe from the 1700s, Green Siren takes a fair bit of time to make, because we don’t take shortcuts. We skip the artificial color and sugar syrup, and, instead, soak not once but twice with herbs that grow beautifully in Southeast Alaska, including wormwood, lemon balm, and anise hyssop. Once it takes on its distinctive light-licorice flavor and magical jade hue, we strain it, bottle it, and make it available to you. Imbibe it in the classic ritual, with sugar cube, spoon, and ice-cold water. Or enjoy it in an innovative cocktail, or simply on the rocks. Green Siren won’t make you hallucinate, but it may nicely adjust your attitude.