When the clouds roll in, so does the flavor.

Crafted with the same attention to detail that a boat-maker brings to his trade, Boatwright Bourbon is one of only two whiskeys in all of Alaska that are distilled from scratch. (Our Wrack Line Rye is the other.)  We start by stripping down to the basics: just pure local water, organic non-GMO grains, and yeast. Then we double-distill in a copper kettle made by the masters in Louisville, Kentucky, fussing and adjusting until we think it’s right. After distilling, we age Boatwright Bourbon for two years in barrels made of charred Kentucky White Oak. Something very Southeast Alaskan happens during that process: the swings in barometric pressure that are common here cause our barrels to slightly contract and expand. Each time that happens, the barrel absorbs and releases the slowly aging bourbon, adding nuance, depth, and flavor notes you won’t find anywhere else. So when the skies turn cloudy, we smile. We figure somebody up there really loves great bourbon.