Haines local, Macky Cassidy joins the team as Tasting Room Manager

Port Chilkoot Distillery announces October 31 as Grand Opening date for their tasting bar.

With a recent change in Alaska State legislation that went in to effect on October 12, distilleries in Alaska are now legally allowed to offer taste samples, product sales, and limited drinks for on-site consumption, similar to what visitors have come to expect at breweries and wineries.

Almost a year to the date of the distillery’s inaugural Open House, visitors will now be able to order a drink made with spirits produced on-site.  Free taste samples will be offered for those who haven’t tried the spirits before, and products will be available for purchase for off-premise consumption.  The distillery will be offering finely crafted cocktails and seasonal infusions using local ingredients, as well as more traditional drinks.  The tasting room also plans to offer private tasting parties and small cocktail mixing classes in the future.  A variety of logo and label-design merchandise will also be available for sale.  Tasting rooms are restricted from having entertainment or seats, cannot be open after 8pm, and can serve up to two drinks per person per day.


Macky Cassidy, a life-long Alaskan and year-round Haines resident, will be managing the tasting room operations.  She comes to the Distillery with 8 years of experience in the food and beverage industry and great enthusiasm for local and wild ingredients. Macky looks forward to seeing you in the Tasting Room where she can explain the unique nature of each of the locally-made spirits and can mix you up a finely crafted drink.